The right team makes all the difference.

Our registered massage therapists are highly trained in a variety of modalities of massage therapy, sports-injury treatment, and therapeutic exercise, ensuring that we have the skills necessary to improve your condition.

We are highly involved in the community. We are able to refer patients for conjunctive therapies within our network of health professionals in Kelowna, to provide optimal care.

We are RMTs who are committed to best-practice massage therapy, maintaining and increasing our education in sports medicine and manual practice, and evaluating patient progress to ensure you are meeting your personal health goals. 

$60 Relaxation Massage with Alexandra, our RMT Student

Discover the clinically-proven benefits of massage therapy under the skilled hands of Alexandra, an RMT student. Address your body's muscular tensions, improve circulation, and promote optimal muscle function, all while experiencing a deep sense of relaxation.

Please be informed that as Alexandra is an RMT student, these sessions are not billable to insurance companies.

Prioritize your health and well-being, schedule your session with Alexandra today.

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