Jade (Lacerte) DunnRMT

Jade was born in Quebec. At the age of 8 her family moved to California, a year later she moved back to Canada to Ontario. 5 years later, once again to California before settling down in the beautiful Okanagan valley. Jade's passion for Massage Therapy started when she was in her teens. Her mother practiced massage which sparked her interest. She was inspired with the changes that could be made in someone's life with simply using your hands.

As she began her course in Registered Massage Therapy she grew more and more enthused as she learned exactly how she could help people. Through school Jade learned how to treat many different conditions including but not limited to: whiplash, low back pain, TMJ, headaches/migraines, shoulder/hip pain, plantar fasciitis, hip flexor issues to name a few.

When Jade isn't spending her time improving someone's quality of life, she's often in the wilderness. Having many outdoor hobbies such as hiking, biking, fishing, canoeing, swimming, and camping to name a few. Jade also enjoys a good music show or a quiet movie night.

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