Joel CosmanManual Osteopath (DOMP), Rolfer

Joel Cosman is a Manual Osteopath and Certified Rolfer originally from St. John, New Brunswick. Joel has a Bachelors of Science degree in biochemistry and microbiology from the University of Victoria. He completed training at the Rolf Institute of Structural Integration in Boulder, Colorado in 2015 and went on to successfully complete training as a Manual Osteopath at the National Academy of Osteopathy in 2017. Joel uses a whole-body systematic approach that includes optimizing function, movement, and wellness with manual techniques and mobilizations that decrease pain, postural dysfunction, and restriction of movement.


Joel’s treatments can help:

Increase energy and nervous system balance

Improve digestive system balance

Rehabilitate sports injuries

TMJ pain, vertigo, tinnitus

Increase flexibility and range of motion


Rehabilitate from car accidents/whiplash

Relieve chronic neck pain/back pain


Clients are asked to wear attire that allows access to the back, and

lower legs, therefore, running shorts and a sports bra are appropriate

for women, and running shorts and shirtless for men.

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