Uttam GalaRMT

Uttam graduated from Okanagan Valley College of Massage Therapy in 2020 with honors in both Clinical and Academic Sciences. His passion for a balanced lifestyle and interest in kinesiology drove him towards a career in manual therapy. He believes that most biomechanical pain is directly or indirectly related to muscular imbalance, weakness or lack of extensibility somewhere in the kinetic chain, as well as the idea that physiology and psychology are strongly correlated. With the help of a thorough interview, assessment, treatment plan and a personalized strength and stretch routine, Uttam strives to address the root cause of his patients’ complaints and not just their symptoms. He uses a variety of techniques like Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation, Myofascial Release and Joint Mobilization in his treatments and is interested in further education in Graston, Yoga Therapy and Advanced Fascial Stretching. Uttam focuses on joint dysfunction, especially in the shoulder, knee, and spine, as well as posture corrective therapy. He assists his patients in meeting their goals of being strong, pain free and mobile. 

In the past, Uttam has dabbled in engineering, before moving to Canada for a University diploma in

Adventure Sports Management in 2013. He has since managed a coffee shop, been a whitewater raft guide in Jasper, sea kayak guide in Tofino, swiftwater rescue technician with Kamloops Search and Rescue, automotive service technician, and a tow truck driver on the Coquihalla highway. Outside of the clinic, Uttam enjoys functional training and Olympic lifting, riding his motorcycle, cooking, camping at hot springs and making new connections with people along the way.

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